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Daughter of the Universe

I stand here in tears, But unashamed, Never unloved. Moved, Broken, But the pieces begin to gain strength. I’ll let this dream Lead me on, To the ends of the earth. After all, I’m I still not the daughter of the universe? Still belong to the one who made the universe? Never will I be ashamed of my sex, Born a fighter, And I will be thither Continue reading Daughter of the Universe

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What makes my heart sing?

The things that make my heart sing. A number of things make my heart sing. But of late, my heart has been broken, Anxious, All over the place.   I have lost my song, Like a caged Nightingale. The things that once brought joy, And a smile in my heart, Have seemed like a mundane task.   How I long to hear my song, The song of my heart, On those early mornings, With the world so quiet, And the sound of the rain, And beautiful music, Take away the normalcy of the mundane day. Continue reading What makes my heart sing?

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Abby’s Reflections: Speed is not the word

Well, I haven’t had time to shut down and reflect in a long time. Thanks to fast paced life, building a business, making clients happy…the list goes on and on. Today, I would like to share my thoughts on reflection. It’s not about speed, Well, It is about speed, Sometimes, But not always.   Well, what I can say is that, Slowing down, Shutting down, Reflection, is for the courageous,   Reflection is probably a strange word In the world I live in   How do you dare stop, Amidst building a business, Preparing for events and occasions, Chasing after … Continue reading Abby’s Reflections: Speed is not the word

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