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Daughter of the Universe

I stand here in tears, But unashamed, Never unloved. Moved, Broken, But the pieces begin to gain strength. I’ll let this dream Lead me on, To the ends of the earth. After all, I’m I still not the daughter of the universe? Still belong to the one who made the universe? Never will I be ashamed of my sex, Born a fighter, And I will be thither Continue reading Daughter of the Universe

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Slipping Away

Originally posted on ofsol:
Have you ever sat and wondered? Whether you are really headed in the right direction? Whether you have not overestimated yourself? And underestimated the vision? Do you feel like it’s all slipping away? Like trying to hold water or sand on open palms? They say it’s darkest before dawn, I agree. You may not see beyond the stark darkness, But I know, It will be worth it some day. Pick up the little strength left, Hold it together, Don’t let it slip away…. Continue reading Slipping Away

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