What is ofsol all about?

The beauty of art is unmistakeable, and inevitable. It is simply allowing your imagination to be free. Even in the most sophisticated of technologies, art will penetrate through. Only an artist’s imagination can give life to the beauty we have seen and yet not seen.

As we go through life’s motions, time and time again, we need to refresh, rejuvenate and replenish our lost energy and enthusiasm. What better way than to use the ancient, wise way that has stood the test of time!

Art has always been part of human history, across all cultures of the world, and not even technology has eroded it, if anything, technology has further propagated the agenda of art. When I talk about art, I am not talking about breath-taking pictures like Michel Angelo’s, or deep heart-felt music that penetrates to the soul like one created by the famous, great composers of old, Mozart and Beethoven, I am indeed talking about the very heartbeat of African society, poetry.

Though it wasn’t initially written, especially in Africa, from great poets like Shakespeare, to Robert Frost, to African voices like Marjorie Oludhe and Caroline Nderitu, this particular field continues to inspire many younger people, like me and many others out there.

Before we continue in this very serious mood, it is my pleasure to welcome you to relax and ponder about subtle issues at the same time, on this blog which like a spring that bursts forth with new life or like a faithful friend who is always there to smile at you and give you hope and some encouragement, http://www.ofsol.wordpress.com, where ofsol is acronym for old faithful spring of life.

To start you off, let us look at what some of the influential ones had to say about art,

A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds—Henry Moore

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament—Oscar Wilde

What will you say? Imagine the space left is yours to put a quote, what would you say about art? ofsol?

On this blog, I will be sharing poems I have written with you, my audience. I would like you to comment on them, and enjoy reading them too. If you like them kindly share them with your friends, family and everyone who is interested, and let’s thoroughly enjoy the world of art. Again I say ponder and relax, at http://www.ofsol.wordpress.com

Thank you.

Ofso. (Abby Nduta)


About the Admin

The Admin is an English- Literature Student at Kenyatta University. She is very passionate about the English Language and loves to express herself in the written word. She is also a professional online writer who writes articles, blog posts, and web content.




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