Abby’s Reflections: Speed is not the word

Well, I haven’t had time to shut down and reflect in a long time. Thanks to fast paced life, building a business, making clients happy…the list goes on and on. Today, I would like to share my thoughts on reflection.

It’s not about speed,


It is about speed,


But not always.


Well, what I can say is that,

Slowing down,

Shutting down,


is for the courageous,


Reflection is probably a strange word

In the world I live in


How do you dare stop,

Amidst building a business,

Preparing for events and occasions,

Chasing after the next client,

Paying bills,

Submission of assignments,

Spending time with friends and family,


How dare you stop?


How dare you stop when,

Every passing second will never be recovered?

How dare you stop when opportunities are passing you by, left, right and centre?


How dare you stop?


But how dare you move when,

You are supposed to keep calm under pressure?

Have a clear mind that can brainstorm solutions?

Have an open heart and mind to listen to your customer?

Spend time with your family and be present?

Spend time with your friend without thinking about the next meeting?

You want to keep the devices away, to try and regain some peace?


When I think about all these things,

I remember a recent picture,

Or rather a graphic that was sent to me


An iceberg,

What people see,

Is, like the say,

the tip of the iceberg.


They do not see the bigger,

The most important part,

The part that will cause disruption


Like I said,

Reflection is for the courageous,

It is for the wise,


If you are going to build a business,

Be present when you are with family,

Stay calm under pressure,

and be all the things that you dream about,


You must take time to reflect,


Face the truth,

Even when it hurts,

Like my friend says,

Bare the knuckles.

Face the ghosts in the closet,

Allow them to see the light of day.


When you come back, you will be stronger, wiser,

Better in every way.














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