This is a special dedication to my mum, and all mother’s out there



I lack the words to say,

I don’t know whether to write a poem,

For no poem can fully capture

Your greatness



Let me just let the words flow



You are the best gift

To me

And to others


mom 2

When all I could do was demand for attention,

You were there,


In the longest of nights


Now look at me

I am a grown up woman

But I still find strength in you

Lifting me up to the Lord

Every day

Caring about me

Every day


I may not remember to call you everyday

And even when I do,

It is more of a duty

Than a sincere flow from the heart


People are celebrating mothers


I take a break from

All the chasing after dreams

And celebrate you


For real

You are the fabric

That has held us together

The battles that you have fought for us

On your knees

Are more than we could have won

Thank you mama


You may not know so much

About the complicated things that I deal with daily

But you do know one thing

Love and patience


Today is my turn

To be on my knees

And lift you up to the Lord

Because no gift

No words

Can describe you


mom 2



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