A Chocking Nation: The Reflections Series

Well, dear readers, I will move from poetry to a bit of prose. I just want to share with you some of the random thoughts and feelings that run through my mind as an artist:

I am a Kenyan (for some of you who did not know). I wonder what is going through your mind as you read that first sentence (I am a Kenyan). If you have been following Kenyan news, you might be having this chocking feeling in your throat. If you do care enough, you probably are fighting back tears.

If you have been trying to ignore all the news and living your life as if you were in another country, you probably have something that is chocking your breath in your system. You actually feel sick. Have you thought of visiting the hospital? (Well, that may be an entire novel).

I am just sitting in my house thinking. What happened to values like Hardwork? Honesty? Integrity?

Where did we go wrong? We have wasted so much time and energy pointing fingers. Have we ever asked ourselves hard questions?

Where did all these start? What about that day in primary school when you lied to your mum that the price of sugar was KSHS.5 higher? What did you do with the extra cash?

What about the day that you stole your neighbour’s mangoes? And accused your younger brother? Or the quietest boy in class?

What about the day you cheated in the Chemistry lab practical exam? What about your KCSE? Where did you get those straight As?

Why did you enroll for Engineering at the University? Why did you miss classes? Copy other people’s assignments?

When did you start living a lie? How did you pass your exams? How did you get that Second Class Upper Division?

The Master’s Degree?

The Phd? Who handled your assignments?

Who marks your student’s exams?

Where do the marks disappear to?

What happened to the old virtues and values that we all strove to achieve?

What happened?

Are we still pointing fingers?

Why do we have a corrupt society?

Why are the people that uphold values abhorred?

Well, let my randomness rest here, at least for now.










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