Hello friends, here is a collection of words. I do not know whether it qualifies as a poem. Enjoy:

One day, I decided to walk from Nyayo National Stadium to the bus station. Well, it is quite some distance. I noticed there was a good number of people walking too. I had spent almost 2 hours in traffic from General Motors to town (after getting lost and walking for another extra 20 minutes). All the ‘walkers’ just got me thinking, we are a walking nation. Nairobians love to walk? Or do they need to?

Well, here is the verse that will look like poetry:

A walking nation

Should be a healthy nation,


But a walking nation,

Is not necessarily a healthy nation.


Why are we a walking nation?

Is it because we are keen about fitness?

The increasing obesity and diabetes statistics?

If we are Nairobians,

We may walk to save on the amount of money we use on transport.

In the village,

We may walk because the roads are impassable,

Especially during the heavy rains.

University students walk because they are broke.



Is a walking nation,

A healthy nation?

Walking gives you a chance to reflect,

Or compound your problems in your mind.

It allows you to remember how small you are in a big world,

Or allows you to dream about,

The next big thing,

Over time,

It keeps the stubborn fat.

Ask Kenyans,’

They will tell you

They are a walking nation.




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