Whispers of Plea

So, this week one of my very good friends decided to put some thoughts on screen. All credits to him. Let me allow him to speak…

I can boast of being the most careful dude ever,
What I didn’t know is that too much carefulness
May attract an equal measure of carelessness.

I slipped. A poisonous error.






So I met this girl,

Her beauty like a bunch of roses,
I didn’t see the “Murder she wrote” tag on her back.
See, I love a flawless skin, nice legs, that waspy waist…
my list is endless, but a twelve o’clock bust a plus…
I was just into her.


F my defence ministry.







Of late I’ve been reduced to a mere puppet. Jeez. Me.
“Babe, TRM pizza for lunch, Garden City’s for dinner…”
My 24/7/365 meek YES always the answer,
Some small sense, remnant, not much, says “RUUN!”
I laugh it off. My ATM cards…all pins I gave…
all to show my “undying” love. A silly costly move.
My hands, mind and moves are all tied…





I am a prisoner of my own doing,
And my love won’t read this coz it’s a phony account,
Someone teach me some new chess moves,
My love is too good for me.
Last time I checked the stats, I was still check-mated.

by Enock Owiti


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