Frosty Beat


They stare, glare and gaze intricately
Though they don’t quite see a thing
They say my life is a steady incline
That cloud nines are my pillow cases
I don’t blame them though
I’m good in playing hide and seek
I hide the cold misery filled evenings
The asphyxiations, drowning in dollars
The chilly jitters of a yellow, a cower
The dark cloud hovering over my head
Raining showers of chronic mistrust
The inferiority complex guised as false power
The sting of intellect in a swarm of fools
The wind of hope always going of course
The will of a man spirit of a God
I’m surreal, something like a breathing corpse
A stoic at will, forgive my demeanor persona
It’s just part of my self taught human instinctual behavior.


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