Many times, when we hear other people in problems, we tend to think that we are somehow invincible. However, when we find ourselves in similar situations, does it occur to us that we are innocent? That it is unfair that bad things happen to us? Especially if we are trying to do right? Here is a poem to capture this. A very personal one.



How could they be so uncouth,

I must be very lucky,

I think,

Till the storm,


The eye of the storm,

Stopped at my door,


It thought:

I will not spare her heart either



I thought I was,

Until my heart got ripped.

My world falling apart,

Not knowing where to turn,

Silence and pain became my oxygen,

Filling every part of me.


My soul sank,

It died,

Unsure of what it felt about anything.

So many thought and questions,

No answers

Not even music could lift the soul,

The very thought of music made the soul shudder

It felt like a long dark tunnel

With no light, no hope,

No way out

No assumptions

I went through every moment

With no strength

Until you said


I am here,

I will hold you,


There is a tomorrow,

Which you will not know about,

But I promise to be there



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