Lost Hearts

I am equally intelligent and smart,

I got tenacity

I am aggressive

You can’t stop me

I refuse to do those things


I will beat you at your own game

Including that of flirting









I am better

And I have heard, read, lived and breathed this

It is part of me

It flows in my blood

Makes my heart beat in exhilaration








I am your alpha female

But wait

There is something I am looking for

I can’t find it

So I sit at the bar

On the raised stool

And challenge you to come and face me

I will tell it to your face

I got my money

Why do I need you?








But wait

I can’t find it

I need it so bad


Not necessarily

That I have from my drinking escapades

And girls night outs

But wait

I am your alpha female




I can’t do what’s feminine anymore

I’ve lost every capacity

I am a man

But I can’t fit in

Because I am a woman

I am an alpha female

I now know what I lost

I lost my heart






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