The other day I visited my grandma up country for a routine those youu-have-to-visit-every-now-and-then-to-show-you-are-an-awesome-grandson kind of visits, and for a moment was thrown aback, back in the day of public transport to shags as toddlers and not much has changed if any at all. The endless political dialogues of the elderly, the fits of 3yr old boys, the tantrums of 8yr old girls and the occasional scream from a mother trying to pull her toddler son from climbing out the window, the occasional nag of “simamisha gari nikojoe” or “simamisha hapo kwa mahindi”,it never gets old, does it? there something that beats he lone travel, a certain aura that comes with crowded psvs and all the shenanigans that are public transportation, at the time the only thought is usually GOD why don’t you give a me car and spare me of this melodrama, this embarrassing case scenarios of a hot chick seated next to you farting and then giving you this awkward smile,. But once the burden has been lifted of your shoulders the journey so to speak isn’t as interesting any more, I am probably sure am the only individual dwelling in a third world country, middle class who thinks the touts sweat(creepy) and the pampers toss through the window is wait for it…,. Yes I said it, but the love, the feeling of collective fortitudes of unknown bonds from total strangers just gives the impression of uniqueness like no other, be it random dialogue from a total stranger on how awesome the roads are and how perfect the weather is this time of the year, or the bickering between the tout and a fat mama being asked to pay twice the fare, the show off chick with excessive make up on her face, cheap Abuja corn rolls and this young dude by her side trying to break the imaginary ice, wearing cheap perfume that makes the elderly guy next to him go on an unwmatatuanted journey of seizures’ caused by over extended sneezes asking”wewe kwani ulioga na malashi”,the sensitive, the insensitive, the bragging all meet up here.It is said you are guarantee to get more drama in a bus travelling up country than in two series of your best telenovela. I kid you not, I have travelled next to a man who was convinced and was doing a pretty good job in doing the same towards me of the fact that he had 5 master degrees from oxford by the fakish American accent while bragging he just returned from a 10 yr. long stay in Britain, the good, the bad the ugly we see it all in our PSVs you might even get the occasional weekly service that you intentionally missed on Sunday while on your journey to a night club. It’s only in Kenya such stuff happens and I wouldn’t mind parking to the side and booking a MAT just for the fun of it.


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