I have a dream yeah a dream
Yet am just another black kid
Joe says we are the social
He says we are the hospitable
Joe slept hungry yesterday, he did
Looking above for help, he believes
The august man he wonders
Why won’t he believe as does he,
That a human life is worth the fee
Yes I have a dream, Joe is in it
I apologize for having a darker skin
Guess I was over baked by the king
I said I have a dream, but I’m scared
Martin had one too, remember him?
Yeah I am a little bit darker than he,
My kind were thrown in this dark place
They say the Lord visits this place,
Guess he always finds me asleep
My mom told me He cares for us more
That’s why I still believe, that He is
I still dream, but I’m no longer sure
Do they still come true, for us??
We inhabitants of the dark side of the globe

We are we, still I dream,… MARTIN


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