The odds were stacked up against him, middle aged and rich life never looked better, he got a drive off challenges, an erotic surge of some sort with every block and hurdle that he came across, bumps were pedestals, picket fences on his pathways were energy drinks. He was the kind that thrived on peoples misfortunes. And he liked it.He bragged as the supporter of the deadliest killer of all time, yes some called him the angel of death, the living incarnation of beltezar,with every campaign advert he ran. “yes people smoke a stick a day, two if you’re up to it, a packet makes you stand out, yes royalty, a packet is royalty!!”He loved his job. The bear heads of cancer patients and the fragile emaciated bodies didn’t suffice the least remorse from the shallowest depths of his ice box that most people called a heart, to him it was just another organ, like a kidney, or liver and his personal favorite…THE LUNGS…ironic though,. He understood power was key, and money was the combination code in unlocking this mystery called a living. He understood all was fair in love and war and power struggle and pretty much everything on this rock he dwelt on, he had seen it all. Who said wealth did not bring joy? Who said power wasn’t everything? Ooh yes it was the powerless poor looser. The one who did not have two dimes to his name, and had not gotten a bite of this juicy apple. It felt awesome, exhilarating, to be adored.

dictator-1 Who cared why…..he wasn’t naive though, he understood 85% of all his acquaintances’ hang around due to his nine-digit pay slip. And societal power influence, but allegiance no matter how superficial it was and obedience gave him confidence and control. He loved it.According to the good book he was on a direct ticket to Hades. He guessed that is what they called sin, but he also understood why the apple was so inviting on that garden, he loved being in charge, being feared, he loved being bowed to, and he loved the moments of applause award after award. He did not understand the world; they chastised him for selling poison to the people yet accorded him awards for entrepreneurial ingenuity. He had a slogan, a mantra he chanted on the daily, when you’re bad people love you.The world isn’t looking for saints, the world adored Hitlers,the Iddi Amins,the Stalins,the world was grateful for Saddam and Gaddafi,the world wanted to be oppressed and spit on. They begged for mistreatment and violence, he only stepped up to fill the shoes. Moreover, quit nice they fit, he was content, for now. He looked at the society and drew strength from its weaknesses’; he failed to fathom, its ignorance, its hypocrisy. The poor despised the wealthy and claimed they were proud, the filthy rich were having shady deals with the devil, or so they said, but he cared less. He was living the epitome of success; he sacrificed a lot to get to the top. He stepped on toes, spit on faces and mud smeared but he understood that the end justified the means. For him the rules never applied the only rule he channeled was, if it could be seen, then it could be acquired. If you have to crawl for it ,jump for it run towards it if you needed badly enough then sin was never an issue because despite all things the apple always tasted better.


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