Poems from Starehe: CHANGE DEAR WORLD

I like this poem…from the Poems from Starehe Series…

Hush! Little baby, don’t you cry,
Everything is going to be alright,
Stiffen that upper lip, little baby I told you,
Father said I hold you through the night.
I know mother is not here right now,
And we don’t know why,
We feel how we feel inside,
This may seem a little crazy, little baby,
But promise, everything is going to be alright.


Things in this world are so crazy right now,
For you to understand them a hundred percent,
All mother ever wanted to do was to make us proud,
And now we are sitting in this empty house,
Mother and father are gone,
The war is raging as people are fighting and hating,
Murder here, murder there,
Adds to the pain we bear and share.


Yes! Peace is the only solution,
Let’s get over this devil of confusion,
Why we fight with all our might,
Against your own brother,
Yet you claim to love your mother?
Out of experience is how I say this,
So join me and figure out how to stop it.

Black or white, we are all equal,
Before the creator, not my words,
But words of a believer, a seeker,
Tears and blood make the wound even deeper

war 2

The last thing we want to see,
Is our world coming to an end?
Let peace by the word,
The rhythm in everyone’s mind,
Africa, Asia, Europe, we are one.



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