Poems from Starehe: Change is the Point

I promised to publish poetry by my students here. Here is the second from the “Poems from Starehe” series:

In our world today, things do happen,

Many people do pass away, but why?

If really we let our eyes  see, and ears  hear,

Then death could not be upon us.

But our ignorance digs our beautiful bodies deep.


Why do we cry when we lose our loved ones?

Yet it is by us, that death came to us,

All we need to do is to make a change,

And let the Deity do His will.

For He is the one who plans.

If only I make the change, then why?

The change depends on us, why not make it!

Our past parents never did it, so it all depends upon us,

The time is up, wake up now,

And make the new desired change.


It is not a dream but hope,

There is no time for tomorrow,

Time wasted is never recovered,

We regret the past but never the future,

If only we prepare for it well.


The road to success is aligned with many,

And tempting parking places, so watch out,

And follow your hopes to the limitations, prayers to God,

Will also offer a well wish pat on our hopes.

The bright minds set to search for sand,

While they can harvest the stars,

To me I have the hope,

And the Almighty has a part in it,

Lets all say, “Change is the point!”


                                                                                                                                                BY TONNY WASHINGTONE


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