Happy 2nd birthday ofsol!

Hello people, there is something beautiful about celebrating one’s birthday. You are wiser, of course a little older, and have something to look back to and be thankful about. First let me say a big thank you to every one of you. You have taken time to appreciate my musings. I cannot express enough gratitude. We are now two years old. (Yeaaaaaa)

happy birthday





Now that we are older, what would you think about me collecting poetry from this poetry into an anthology? I want to save you time that you would spend trying to look for a poem you had read some time ago, and you can barely remember the title. Better still, I will add more new poems. Maybe I will collect those with a similar theme and call them ofsol reflections. I believe this is a step forward…feel free to comment on this…


As for now…

happy birthday ofsol

happy birthday ofsol

happy birthday dear ofsol

happy birthday to you…





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