Dear Leader

Hello world, I will posting poetry written by my form one students at Starehe Boys Centre. Here is one by Geoffrey Obuya.




It is a great day indeed,

But we are in great need,

Of leadership with goods deeds,

But brothers who will lead?

Yet none here is full of greed.


We call them our leaders,

Yet treat them like lepers,

If you are a loader,

About the prefect I speak,

Not your lover dear loader!


Let us stop being haters,

Of these potential leaders,

Call me a campaigner,

A great attention seeker,

If you like a double dealer,

But the truth I shall be its speaker.


Let me not be one sided,

For fear of a rebellion,

From a large population,

Against my little presentation,

To the leaders I shall mention.


Leadership is a calling,

You need thinking before acting,

It is not very exciting,

How is that entertaining?

Let us have some reasoning!



Geoffrey Obuya


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