Strength of a Woman

When I read about her, I was moved to my core. Please read with me and help me appreciate one of the most resilient women…


Donald Lawrence: The Story of an unbeatable resilience and love…

Hello readers, today I am taken aback by the passion, the pursuit, the love, the resilience of one Donald Lawrence. She fought for 19 years; in a bid to get justice for her son who was murdered in a racist attack…here is a summary of the story. (In case you do find it elsewhere, I am the author of this version which was published in a UK online Teen magazine)…HERE WE GO…

Doreen Lawrence. If you don’t know her, she is mother to Stephen Lawrence, who was a black teenager and was murdered in 1993. We have probably read and watched her fight for justice, which she got 19 years later.

Well, it is fascinating to know that Marks & Spencer have included her as cast in their next advertising campaign, starring alongside Annie Lennox and Emma Thompson.

Greater still is the fact that she joined the Lords in 2013, 6th September, and she is now The Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE. This was a reward for giving back to community via charity work. She was able to do this via the Stephen Lawrence Foundation, where youths from minority groups are supported so as to pursue their dreams.

After being nominated as a life peer, she is now in the House of Lords as a life peer, a result of her great passion to pursue justice and give back to community. She is also Olympic torchbearer. Her rise against the storm doesn’t stop here. She is being tipped to vie as Mayor of London in the 2016 vote. Radio 4 woman’s hour named her the most powerful woman in the country.

Doreen Lawrence is a role model for the youth by all standards, teaching them that even the worst of situations can be used to achieve a lot of good.

Well, this makes me think, how passionate are we about our dreams, really?  It reminds me of Celine Dion’s “Power of a Dream”… how resilient are we? Taking unfair things that life throws at us and like the eagle, soaring above the storm?




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