The one: A girl’s dream

Well, maybe it’s part of being young,

Being a girl,

Well, we spend some time,

Sometimes a lot of time,

Just trying to imagine,



Rich girl,

Go to a good salon,

Get a great hair do,

Shop in the best mall,

Eat those things that you can’t afford now.


Working mama,

Get a kid,

A loving, kind hubby,

Be supermom and manage your career and kids,

Send your kids to the best schools,

Love them, play with them,

Go for family outings,

Always come home and have someone who really loves you,

Hold you in his arms…


Well, a girl’s dreams,

Sometimes seeming too far,

Yet so near,

But one sweet day,

Hopefully, they will come true.

For now, build yourself, career,

And of course HOPE…





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