The doorway to what he fathomed as life,
On the other side he had freinds,
They gave an ear to his cry for attention,
Paid attention to his grief,joy,ecstasy,follons
One the other side was paradise,serene quiescence,
Haven for misfits,worldly rebel minions,
Belonging sense for the bastards,
Foster parapets for vulnerable orphans,
On other side is the pandora ruckus,
Messy canvases,stained memoirs,
Deranged murderers,wielding paint-guns,
Psychotic,schizophrenics,in poetic fantasms,
Quench the thirst to purge,without machetes,blades and shotguns,but in plain words,
Behind that door art recieves the breath of life,
Behind my bedroom door….


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