What a Friend we have in Jesus

Easter is here, and only on thing comes to my heart, soul and mind. A Loyal Friend, and the lyrics of this golden oldie hymn, “What a Friend we have in Jesus”.




A loyal friend knows you so well,

Is always there as much as they can,

To hold you when you cry,

To laugh with you when you win,



Sometimes the situation is beyond,

And you therefore have to behold,

The love of a savior who will hold,

Your hand,

Your soul,

In life’s greatest mysteries,

One who will be there,

More than,

Your closest,

Loyal Friend.


Just take a minute,

And recall,

He gave his life for you.

Would you do the same?

It was not the nails

That held him on the cross,

But his love for you and me.


Happy Easter.







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