The Musy Musy Muse

Hello Readers, something for your pleasure? Oh yes!

Today I don’t feel like I want to stop writing. This feeling in my stomach just won’t go away. I am told it’s the musy musy muse. Ever wondered where poetry comes from? I can’t explain. The muse.

Musy musy muse,
You woke me up tonight,
Came and stole my dreams,
In the morning,
You refused me to take a bath,
Musy musy muse,
I am at your service.

Just when I thought you had gone away,
You came back with a presence so clear,
A weight so heavy,
Okay Musy,
Here I am,
Musing with you,
All through.

Isn’t that enough?

No girl,
You rarely find me,
And when you do,
Doesn’t matter who is watching,
Just muse with the musy.

muse 1


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