It is Fun

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” Thank God it’s Friday and it’s 3 p.m.
I’m steady glancin’ at the clock, it’s almost time for the weekend
I grab my iphone, post a status for my friends
Send a text before the day’s end ’cause I ain’t tryna stay in”

These are the words that begin Group 1 crew’s song, “Live it Up”. Well dear readers, so long. I was just seated thinking about why we wait to have mad fun on Fridays. True, I’m in college and I can attest to the sea of humanity headed for all sorts of parties- what we call “bashes” and “rave” this side of the world. Never mind, here is my view…now that the weekend seems quite a distance away…

deep th 1

deep th 2

Life is fun,
Yes it is,
It is fun to wake up early,
Before all your neighbors,
It is fun to take your bath early,
While everyone is still sleeping,
Fun to take breakfast,
In the tranquility,
Fun to get to the bus-stop on time,
Fun to walk to the lecture hall,
Humming your favorite tune,
Your foundation of boon,
For that day.


Yes, it is fun,
To get to class earlie,(intended)
Your head freshie, (again intended)
And the coursework seemingly easy,
It is fun to choose the best place,
To sit and ace,
The literary concepts,
The poetry,
That leaves your soul purged.

fun 2

It is fun to go for lunch early,
And come back as the others leave,
It is fun to leave last,
Arrive first,
It’s Friday,
Furahi day
We call it here,
To mean a fun, happy day.
In the weekend mood,
Oh yes,
I will go to the library,
I have had fun all through,
I don’t need a rave anti-climax.


The bottomline is, enjoy every moment, and if you have to “bash” on Friday, do it responsibly. Cheerz ya’ll.

rave 2

fun at work

fun at school


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