Love is in the air

Hello dear readers, it’s that time of the year again…Love is in the air…what were you up to? Do you believe in Valentine’s?…mh many questions go unanswered but as usual I got something for your reading pleasure…


A big day,
Love is in the air.
For some,
It’s all about the blush,
Red-hot face,
As their hearts anticipate,
The special moment.

For others,
What ifs,
Fill the air.
What if I ask her out?
What if I buy her a scarlet dress?
Flowing all the way to her ankle,
But flaunting all her curves…
What if I choose a really short one…

But wait,
Love is in the air,
Or rather,
Lust is in the air.
Yes, the latter.
For some,
It’s pain re-defined,
And lots of ‘Why?’
‘Why? Why?’
And a bowl of tears to go with it.

Let me advise you,
If you are in the just mentioned,
Sulking won’t help,
Going for a wrong Juliet,
Will worsen the situation,
Just ensure,
That you look for happy people,
Join them,
And feel the Love…not Lust…

vals 2


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