The Best way to be Smart in 2014 – without crazy hairstyles

Well dear readers, today I am not going to post a poem…never mind, just read on…

Every year, at around this time, there is usually a huge migration of some very unique people.


You may have noticed them and wondered what they were up to, or maybe you didn’t. If they had been in screaming yellow, having colour-crushed it with pink, green shoes and their hair dyed (what’s the craziest colour) maybe a mixture of Size 8’s red and Binyavanga’s red and blue, they would have easily stood out.

Unfortunately, their sense of fashion had not driven them to those extents, and that’s maybe why you didn’t notice them.

Let me tell you why you need to be part of them this year.


1. These people are smart
2. They can see the future (but they are not prophets, fortune tellers or ‘waganga kutoka Tanga’)
3. (Please type the answer when you join them and see for yourself)

This unique group of people is made up of K.u students headed to Bishop Square for Career Week. They are in search of something – answers to questions about the working world, networks, and even internships. You are not likely to meet them at the city centre carrying brown envelops ‘wakitafuta waks’.


If you like biashara or have that brilliant idea, which you have been trying to unsuccessfully present to companies…see you from Feb 1st, 3rd all the way to Friday, 7th …after all the serious work, we will have a galas…a toast to your hard work that week.


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