Beautiful Morning: Starting your day on the right note

Today I woke up and began my day in quite an interesting way. Let me tell you what the beautiful morning was all about.

The alarm goes,
Oh it’s morning,
Short night though,
It’s another day.

Swollen eyes,
Breakfast should be ready,
Got so much to do,
Swallow breakfast,
Read the Bible and pray,
As the bath water heats up.

A fast shower,
I got to leave,
But wait,
What did I just read,
That I have to,
Ensure that what has been entrusted to me,
Comes to fruition?

Man, time to catch the bus,
Goodbye dad,
I’m leaving to live out,
What I am meant to do,
And more…

Well, at least I haven’t been able to do as much as I had hoped to. But you know what? The day began on a right note and well, I am not moved. I surely hope that tomorrow will be better.

Share how you start your mornings…


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