Hello dear readers, let me first (like the title) take this opportunity to thank you for being my readers in 2013. It’s very encouraging when I get to see people enjoy the little I have to offer. A toast to the new year. Let me hope too you got to slow down a bit and enjoy the festivities. It’s still early to say HAPPY NEW YEAR.


So, this is where we begin- first

First is pure,
First is noble,
First is real,
Not marred by the whole reality thing.

First is scary,
First is unsure,
First is unstable,
But first is treasured.

First sometimes feels like an experiment,
Like it shouldn’t be,
First is a great teacher.

If life remained like first,
The first time,
The first energy,
The first love,
The first commitment,
Life would be beautiful

It is still the first month of the year,
Could the energy,
And enthusiasm remain,
Even the Bible,
For those who like me,
Believe it,
Says let’s go back to the first love.



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