She never asked for much,just a little compassion,a little love,she had a lot of questions but didn’t need all the answers,just these few were enough,does he thnk of me?does he even exist?It was crazy,she had it all yet nothing,..the looks,the cash,the class were all in the bag,but the one who completed the equation,lacked….

She had seen it,heard it,she had been called it all,slut,whore and even snob,in search of love her heart became an icebox,”all men are dogs”.,was a motto she held close,to her heart she had lost all hope in love,to the opposite sex grew numb…she was tired…,tired of the one night stands,tired of first sight price tags,blind dates that remained like that,stale kisses and cold hugs,..but still she hoped on a facade,mirage of a ONE TRUE LOVE….


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