My heart is burdened every time I walk out,

staring at all the lost that need to be found,

in my spirit there is this sound,to proclaim faith to the hopeless and freedom to the bound,

but still I feel I haven’t done enough,in proclaiming this amazing love,

so many still searching for the wrong path,hoping to satisfy their hunger and their thirst,

as I walk down the street can’t help but notice,there’s a girl whose crying,a boy that’s searching

For a shoulder that’s comforting and for a love that is lasting.. …’s time for us who believe,

to realize that within,dwells the same power that conquered  sin,the same that caused Bartimeus to see and gave Lazarus the ability to breathe….

so am set for the course that my life will take,prosperity is mine in all that I engage,

the lord is my shepherd what shan’t I possess,so with the word in my spirit and the confessions that I make,a master soul winner is the least that I can be




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