Well, introducing the lady who has been behind all your eyes have read on this simple blog. She is a thinker, a sort of little philosopher. She has two quotes which she didn’t read from anywhere.

1. Art is part of part, because many arts, many parts, do make a whole- Abby

2. When we come to a bumpy road we slow down- Abby


Much said in very few words. The second one is rather obvious. But think about it. In life, when things are going haywire, trying to solve them the same way you always have will only worsen things. It’s time you checked your speed, and jumped over lifebumps .(That’s Abby’s word).

Well, here she is. She is not blowing her trumpet. A great mind. But above all dear readers, thank you for reading thoughts on this blog. Much love.

elance 2



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