Courageous Conversations

Today I heard a quote from Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, 2003 winner of the Caine Prize of African writing. Never mind, I will talk about it in another post.

“Courageous conversations are held by courageous people” (paraphrased)

Here is my story

Well this week I know I wronged someone, and I feel this is a way of saying sorry:


It’s not courage that fails me,

That I should not talk to you face to face,

It is fear that keeps me,

Not knowing how things will be.


I was wrong,

I wish I didn’t say what I said.


Those are the words I should  say.


I was about to pick up my phone,

To tell you about my day,

When I realized I couldn’t,

Coz it would be odd.


Well, I must say,

Everything happens for a reason,

My lesson is learnt,

We have not been on the same page,

Yet I didn’t know it.


My only prayer is for everything to go back to normal,

And that I may be forgiven,

For you have proved it time and time again,

That you stand up for what you believe.

I am learning,

I am taking notes,

I sincerely admire you for being firm.



Well, I do not know how you will react to this,

I hope all will be well,

And this is just an avenue to say I’m sorry.


If I’m here to learn,

I’ll be a willing student,

And for all the pain and hurt I’ve caused,

I wish sorry would take it away.

I am scared how you will take this,

But I wish things will go back to normal.

This is from my heart,













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