West gate Mall Attack: Life is Beautiful When you Live outside Yourself

Life is Beautiful When You Live outside Yourself

west gate





This truth was revealed to me when I was writing a story. When I wrote it for the specific child, it flowed from my heart. Better still, I dedicate it to all selfish people who contributed in one way or another to the West gate Mall attack in Kenya, on Saturday, 21st September. Like our Honorable President said, “We have shamed and defeated our attackers…” Yes that’s what love does. For all the Kenyans who helped out in any way, and even all the heroes from other nations in the world ; You are wonderful people. #WeAreOne# I can’t put it in a better way…Read on

we are one



Love is not of self,

When you others shelf,

Look outside yourself,

And you’ll be a new self.


Love conquers all things,

Brings together all beings,

Despite all the stings,

Love makes us Queens and Kings.


Life is beautiful,

If you remain faithful,

To live outside yourself,

Only then will you be fruitful.


Love makes the KDF soldier,

Risk his life to go beyond the border,

Which to you is a boulder,

Loves makes him stronger,



Love makes him colder,

So as his enemies to conquer,

United we remain stronger,

To flame the enemy’s anger.


Selfishness will never win,

Love will always win,

The battle has already been won,

And the enemies in shame mourn.


Opening their eyes to the realization,

As a nation,

No tension,

We are in unison.


Let love flow from your heart,

Forget all the hurt,

And let those who your soul hunt,

Be in their self-built hell burnt.






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