Intruding Insect: Questions

Today, I would like to share a random poem, more like, shifting clouds.  (you can read it here) I am in class, it’s very hot, and I feel so tired and sleepy. I wonder whether I will be awake throughout the lecture. I catch a glimpse of an insect, an intruding insect….

Insect (Photo credit: Paulo Brandão)

Intruding Insect, Can you see me?

Because I can.

Intruding Insect,

Do you hear me?

Because I can too.

Insect landed on my hand
Insect landed on my hand (Photo credit: photogirl7.1)

Intruding Insect,

You remind me,

That sometimes,

The best things,

And the worst,

Are just like you,

They are Intruders!

English: insect Polski: owad
English: insect Polski: owad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of our chaos,


And good,

Does Intrude,

While in happiness,

Problems do intrude too!

Intruding Insect,

As you fly away,

To yonder,

I wave you goodbye,

I’ll never see you again,

I don’t know your name,


Thanks for intruding,

And teaching me a lesson.

Insect 2
Insect 2 (Photo credit: reivax)

Will you bother to sing to me a song?

Next time you intrude?

So that I can easily identify you?

Will you pass my greetings to your kind,

Around the world? Intruding Insect,

How comes you teach without words,

Or action?

What King are you?

Intruding Insect?



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