How To Achieve Peace

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Why I Believe in God

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Peace! We all long for peace, right?

You and I, everyone wishes we could live in a more peaceful world. Peace is important to our lives; it is actually essential for our happiness, but how can we achieve it?

Here, I am not talking about the peace that arises from the ashes of a war, after innocent people have been killed and their houses destroyed. No. That peace is misleading,  temporary, and it lasts until the next war is ‘created’ by vested interests.

I am talking about true peace, the one that comes from a happy heart and from a trustful, understanding mind. It is achieved through an atmosphere of love and prayer because it arises from the harmony that puts forward the dynamics of a fulfilling life.

Such peace is permanent. It does not allow embarrassment nor it is imposed.

Each human being will achieve true peace by their…

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