Unfair Critism

I recently had someone criticize me. I have really been thinking hard about it, and no matter how hard I try to look at it from a positive point of view, I still think it was unfair. I would like anyone with posts on Unfair criticism to kindly comment on the same, as I would like to see what you have to say on this, and of course, everyone too!

But as I always say, it’s better poetically done!


A quiet night,

What a frustrating day it has been!

Seated at home,

All alone,

After forgiving myself,

And ridding myself of the bad events of the day,

I decide it’s time to do what I love most,

What I am doing now,



Writing for an audience,

Or for no one in particular.

I am anxious,


In the middle of the night,

I wake up,

I hope it’ll be okay,

I keep telling myself.

The following day,

I wake up,

Anxiety can’t let me sleep.

No results yet,

Anxiety keeps me waiting,

And finally the results come,


Are you for real?

For a while,

I feel it’s unfair.

I keep doing the analysis,

It’s been two days,

And my verdict remains,


I do not say this in pride,


I am more careful now,

Thanks to the criticism,

Though unfair.

What do you think of Unfair Criticism?


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