Inner Peace

Naturally or is it via adoption?

Many of you are like me,

Aren’t you?

Always on the move,

Never stopping,

If not moving,

Your brain is at work,

Whether in bed,



Or wherever,




The stop sign glares,

But I am speeding,

I can’t stop,


Not now,

Some time.

Yellow 1924-1954 stop sign. Mounting height is...
Yellow 1924-1954 stop sign. Mounting height is typical. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But when you finally stop,

In the middle of chaos,

And let you free,

And you can rest,

Yes, rest.

Your cares are given to someone greater,

Someone stronger,

Someone who loves you,

And wants the best for you!

And you get up stronger,



And in the midst,

Of crazy things,

The inner peace will keep you.

Behind the scenes (The story)

Let me tell you about me, I love being busy. I am very young, and a student too. I will do several things at a go, and I rarely rest. If I am not on the move, my mind is active, weighing options, how to improve things, and all. The problem is I never know when to stop. It becomes hard to get inner peace in the middle of chaos. I sometimes think I may later become a workaholic in future, but I won’t because, I have learnt the importance of inner peace, in the end, it gives you strength to move on, and it’s the greatest, priceless thing on earth, and probably beyond!


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