All your eggs? Part 2 Facts and assumptions

English: The Sloping Sea Assumptions are what ...
English: The Sloping Sea Assumptions are what you don’t know you’re making. If you orient yourself by the strata in the cliffs at Flamborough Head, you may find yourself reaching odd conclusions! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes, here I am and having resolved my internet issues, it feels great.  I promised to tell you why you shouldn’t put your eggs into one basket, and obviously, you could trip and fall, and all of them could break. Of course, I didn’t let you get anxious just to tell you that.  Here is the story behind it: (Of course, it’s a poem)

Everything new,

Oh something new,

Is very exciting,


And downright exhilirating.


The assumptions remain just that,


And oops,

They are the ones that,

See you go belly up.


Yea it’s a wild ride,

Until you crash,

And oops,

Reality hits so hard,

The assumptions laid bare,

And truth is the hardest thing.


For a while,

You are in a paralysis,

But you slowly get up,



And disappointed,

But wiser.

Uncontrolled Facts
Uncontrolled Facts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Oh, the story,

I got excited about a new way to get income, a few weeks back. I went for it with full energy, but when it previously assumed issues came into play, I literally was crushed, and had to sit down and look at it more critically. Yes, with perspective, I have learned to sit down and isolate the facts and assumptions! A basic summary.


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