Failure? You still need to own up

I have learnt something today, that even if you do something because you have to, or because you don’t want to disappoint someone, you still have to own up for the results, whether failure or success, oops. That’s tough.

Magnified (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Failure is part of life. Here is a quote from


“Your limitations should be your guidelines, and not stop signs. They should direct and guide your path on the journey, not prevent you from taking it.”
— Robert Schullerh


What do I say?


Here is what I say:


I say failure is bitter,


But it is a reminder,


Not to remain in comfort,


But to improve what we ought,


It’s a time to reflect,


And better what we do best,


So rise up and fight,


Because you are still great,


And a smile will open your gate.





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