Randomness 101: Shifting clouds!


I am sitted on the fourth floor of the library on a hot afternoon, skimming through my notes, with six hours to go before my test. Oops, the clouds!


English: Cumulus humilis clouds in the foregro...
English: Cumulus humilis clouds in the foreground and cumulonimbus clouds in the back, taken at Swifts Creek, in the Great Alps of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Français : Cumulus humilis en avant-plan et cumulonimbus en arrière-plan, Image prise à Swifts Creek, Alpes de l’East Gippsland, Victoria, Australie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Shifting Clouds!


Shifting clouds, shifting clouds,


Oh look at how you cover,


Hopping from place to place,


With speed I can’t keep up!


English: "The two main cloud types are St...
English: “The two main cloud types are Stratocumulus mixing with Cumulus in the foreground with Cumulus beyond” ~ Identified by http://www.cloudappreciationsociety.org/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh shifting clouds,


It’s getting cruelly hot,


Could you hold over me?


Shifting clouds?

Cloud Layer
Cloud Layer (Photo credit: revedavion.com)




6 thoughts on “Randomness 101: Shifting clouds!

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