The Creation story: and God said,daughter, I give you wings to fly!

The Canaanite's Daughter
The Canaanite’s Daughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my! It is out rightly incredible! I have been so caught up with stuff! But here I am! I’ll tell you something that struck me today!

Check it out!

I love writing on this, for some reason, maybe this could be a ‘sequel’  to “Father to daughter” (click to read!)

Let there be light!

And there was light!

Daughter, I have lit up your life,

With all the things you need!

Let there be separation between the waters!

And the sky came into being!

Daughter you are special!

You are separated from the rest!

I have laid out the sky for you!

To shine like a star!

To be in awe of me,

And know that you are as limitless as the sky!

Let dry ground appear!

And it did!

Daughter, you are very productive!

You are free to produce all things!

When you get nourishment from me,

The production will be unstoppable!

Let there be the sun, moon,stars!

The sun to govern day,

And the moon  night!

Daughter, like the sun,

You are extremely strong!

You can give  energy,

To ensure life sustenance,

And move the world!

Like the moon,

You’ll be a beauty to look at,

At night,

And stand out in the sky,

Among the stars!

Like a bird,

I give you wings to fly,

To your destiny,

To who are!

Like a fish,

Live in the vast sea,

Survive the sharks of life,

And never let the kingfishers,

Have you!

He cunning, tactful,

And you’ll be the one I created you to be!

Like the animals in the jungle,

Be swift, street wise,

And beware of enemies!

Daughter, I made you all this!

Why then,

Not spread your wings,

And fly?

This is based on the creation story!

The Biblical Version



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