A rather simple prayer: Choosing to be different

English: Prayer flag above the monastery (Gomp...
English: Prayer flag above the monastery (Gompa) of Tanze, in the Kurgiakh valley. The wind is believed to propagate the prayers printed on tissue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote this poem one night in 2011 when I was distraught, it is a sincere prayer to God:

Dear Lord,


I do make a rather rare prayer,

But a prayer,

From the depths,

The depths of my soul and heart.


This rare,

Rather simple prayer,

Has no words spoken,

It has nobody hear it spoken,

But the words from the heart,

Oh so clear,

How they flow,

To reach out to you.


This prayer,

Does come in the loneliest of times,


It may be in a crowd,

Or I may be alone.


This one rare,

Rather simple prayer,

Is that for all the things,

I have sacrificed this far,

And for the ones,

I am yet to sacrifice,

Lord, Father,Jesus, Holy ghost,

Please do reward me,

With a precious, amazing gift.


For I truly know that you are the only one,

Who can feel my pain,

My loneliness,

When I choose to be different,

And everyone else fits in,

Tears freely fall,

At this point,

When I ponder about tis,

My one consolation will be,



Because only you understands me Lord,

And in moments like this,

Only you makes sense to me,

No one and nothing else does,

And I am assured,

One bright morning,

Or one sunny afternoon,

I will kneel,

Fall prostrate to the ground,

And weep,

For the overwhelming joy,

Will be mine!

The words to describe will lack!

Thank you Lord.

That is my rather simple prayer!





4 thoughts on “A rather simple prayer: Choosing to be different

  1. choosing to be different has never been easy and it will never be.steak to what you know is right and be steadfast.At the end of the day you will reap big rewards.


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