When it’s too dark, too bad…the light is near!

Courage!!! (Photo credit: VinothChandar)
A powerful light shining in the dark.
A powerful light shining in the dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








I recently have just been telling you about my day out. (Click The power of water! Adrenaline packed! Fun Galore! to read that) Every time is learning time though, even in the midst of crazy fun! I learned one thing, as I was swiftly sliding down at Village Market! Never give up hope, when it’s too dark, that’s when the light shows up!

When we were sliding, a long trail of humanity made up of me and my friends, the speed at one point in the dark tunnel, was too high that all you did was turn and turn. Just before you got extremely scared, the light would come, the end of the tunnel, and trust me that was the most thrilling part of the human train, I could not wait for it. That lesson will surely not be forgotten in a long time. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to take photos of the tunnels, you only needed to be present to fully understand what I am talking about.

Now let’s consult the poetic side of Ofso to see what she has to say on this;

Uncertainty holds you back,

Courage is not enough,

You can’t tell how the end will be,

Unsure of the next step,

Unsure of whether you got enough stomach muscle,

To face this,

To take the risk.

The swimming area; My destination Kenya
The swimming area; My destination Kenya









Finally the fear is kept at bay,

And courage leads the way,

The first step is taken,

And on the journey you already are,


It’s thrilling,

A moment later,

Fear grips you again,

And Unsure is the word,


You are too far to go back,

You got to move on!


You soldier on,

And as things look as if ,

They are going to be soon out of control,

The light comes,

The end comes,

A journey that has,

Been on your mettle,

Has just ended,




Life needs us to be courageous, remember to be courageous this week!


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