Strong Message! Go go Kenyan Youth!

Something fascinated me today. I watched Kenyan youth burn coffins outside parliament! I am very proud of them! Kudos! Bravo! This got me thinking. We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the gun? I so presume. What about strong messages sent across the target group? Extraordinaire! That is exactly what I am writing about, though I don’t know how to put it across! But here we go…

Capital Fm Kenya
Capital Fm Kenya

Juicy, juicy,

Who’s smarter now?




Symbolism is the word,

The strength,

The message!



We are generation Y,

We want change,

We want better life,

Real Leadership,

Not greed,

And selfishness,

The body to fatten,

And the tummy to expand,

While we the common civilian,

Finance it all!


Did you see it?

Yes symbolism is the word

The message,

The strength!



Way louder than words!



The word,

The message,

The strength.


I am out. I hope the point is home! Once again Thank you, Kenyan youth. Let’s do it!





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