Randomness? Understatement!

I have written this poem as a result of a random idea. I was to go outside, and take a photo of the first thing I saw,and do the same when I went back inside…My random items…sunrise, and a computer, respectively…read on,

I woke up today,

Found beautiful sunrise,

And I was amazed!

I took a photo.


Back inside,

I saw a computer,

I was not amazed,

It was just a machine I saw,

And used everyday!


I saw the sun rising,

Yes, something I saw everyday,

And used,

But it awed me,

And left me in wonder of nature’s beauty!


The computer has to load,

For it to work,

It has to be started,

By some power!


The sun has to rise,

For a day to be named so,

Who knows the power behind it,

Except one beyond us?



Do you see the relationship?

ofsol's photo
ofsol’s photo



2 thoughts on “Randomness? Understatement!

  1. yes , this proves the existence of a power that is unseen which is greater and more superior than what the human race can hope to achieve.It is beyond our comprehension.


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