Do you know who I am? I am a daddy!

English: A photo of Mark Schultz.
English: A photo of Mark Schultz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was listening to a song called “Live like you are loved” by Mark Schultz. ( he has a very sweet voice by the way) It’s a song about a daddy releasing his eighteen year old girl to spread out her wings and fly in this world. I remembered the once beautiful poem I posted called, “Father to Daughter”( Click to read it). I wanted to write something on fathers releasing their daughters to live on their own, and find their way in this world, When I came across this poem, written by my daddy. I just edited it. Read on…

I am a father,

I am the protector,


The foundation for my family!


I provide a roof above my family’s head,

And not just a roof,

A decent one,

In that case!


I am the role model to my children,

They look up to me,

For guidance,

And mentoring!


To lead by example I must,

Being the one to guide,

To lead them through life’s journey.

I am to chart the way,

In times of darkness,

And through life’s storms!

For I am the northern star,

To lead them to their destinations!


I must show love and compassion,

Empathy in difficult times,

To discipline is no option,

Of course I must!

I must remain relentless,

Till they cross the bridge,

To their destined,

Maybe predestined,


This is who I am,

A father,

A daddy.







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