When reality hits so hard!

reality tag
reality tag (Photo credit: Scoobymoo)

I wrote this when I got some very disturbing news. It pretty describes the situation at hand so well!

When reality hits so hard!

When truth is told,

And reality hits so hard,

That fast heartbeat,

That hot face,

That turns pink,

If you belong to the light-skinned kind,

That tight knot in the tummy,

The disbelief,

The denial,

The thought process,

That tries real hard to push,

Truth away!


It’s only when you stay,

For a while,

That’ll you’ll finally say,

Maybe I understand,

Maybe it ain’t that bad,

Of course not forgetting to emphasize:


The consequences must,

Follow the action,


A fact,

Action and reaction,

Simply put.



Slowly returns,

The heartbeat normalizes,

The face cools,

And the pink one regaining its colour,

And the tightness in the stomach,

Slowly eases,

And in a while,

Maybe a shrug,

Or a nod,

Is enough!

End of the matter,

Case rested.





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