Giving to nature;Nature smiles back!

my mama’s cow -Nyeri, Kenya
the little rabbits- Nyeri, Kenya
the little rabbits- Nyeri, Kenya
The little one's mother-Nyeri, Kenya
The little one’s mother-Nyeri, Kenya






my mama's maize plants-Nyeri, Kenya
my mama’s maize plants- Nyeri, Kenya

Giving to nature is one of the most satisfying things in this world. How I have brought this forth is intriguing! (You will definitely know why, by the end of all this!)

How did I spend my Christmas and New year Holidays? Where did I spend it? These are some of the questions I’ll help you answer as I take you through a fascinating journey, and for the first time, using my own photos! Don’t you think that this is quite something?

Anyhow, I spent my Christmas and new Holidays in “Shagz” , that is my rural village, as we call it here in this side of the world, Nairobi, Kenya , Africa. This poem will try and summarize it in few words. I bet it would take quite some time to start relating all the things that I l loved most about my “Shagz

Village  Life

The cock crows,

Turning in bed,

It’s a new day!


Looking forward to new stuff,

I run outside,

To begin my day,

In the most awesome way I have come to know.


I watch the breathtaking sunlight,

Oh it surely is the best way to be grateful for a new day,

And a reason to thank God!


Kneeling to talk to my creator,

The day unfolds,

Slowly at first,

But picking up pace,

When I look at how much giving I got to do.


Milking the cow,

Preparing a rich, healthy, traditional breakfast,

All fresh from the farm,


Apples, Oranges, Eggs, Milk ,Bananas, Arrow roots…


All have to be attended to,

The green, beautiful, serene farm,

Maize, Beans, flowers, potatoes,

All so tender to tend.


The cows moo,

Bringing a smile to my face,

As I feed nappier grass to them,

And fill the water trough for their refreshing,

Remembering the sweet fresh milk,

I just took,

And I whisper a soft “Thank You,”

To Victoria,

Who provided the milk.


The flowers bloom,

They need to be attended to,

Trimmed, and shaped.


Oh look at them,

The beautiful flowers,

The satisfied cows,

The well-fed rabbits,

The growing chicken,

The fat sheep,

The all so green plants,

The grass so green!


And yea,

It is lunch time,


My stomach grumbles as I look forward,

To another bite of nature,

As the fresh air relaxes so deep.


I am tired, drained, thirsty, sweaty, dirty,

But looking at nature smiling at me,

I am satisfied,

After all,

I can rest for an hour or more,

And wait for another satisfying day!

I miss Victoria already! I gave her the name Victoria, and the most intriguing thing is, I’ve always hated animals, but whoa! Victoriais the best of them all!


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