Birthday gone awry:true story;real people,real event



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Hello World, I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year, it’s been a while, and I am grateful to be back. I will tell you some great things about where I have been, and probably use some of my own photos, (I bet most of you have no idea how I look like).


Unfortunately, I begin on a very sad note this year, (but don’t be very sad). I will write on a real story,( no exaggeration)on real people, that happened this very young year, in my very own motherland, in my very own city which I love deeply and dearly, to someone whom I love, to an immeasurable extent.


Imagine that you can hear me clearing my throat now, and my voice telling this to you:


He did not smile. He had to. I tried my usual tricks, like hiding and then re-appearing. Still, no smile, just a stare, a blank stare. By now all the others had seen him, and only questions were flowing from their mouths, “Why is your phone off?” “Where is the stock for my shop?” “Why are you carrying nothing?” “Why are you not talking?”  Silence.  (This surely sounds like poetry, huh? Ease)


He had always been cheerful, one whose family mattered more than anything in the world. This was of course, very unusual! I looked at him, quiet, disoriented, defeated. He sat down. My eyes  suddenly all over, and I saw a swollen arm. “Your arm is swollen” I gasped. Before he could answer, what pained him was suddenly let out, in a small voice, “I was hijacked”


That was not his voice, but the pain behind it struck the deepest part of me. Busy we were at mama’s little tailoring shop, and unspoken fear was only visible through our eyes, as we tried so hard to concentrate on the job at hand, so that the clients could see that we were still on course, but the turmoil was too much.


How?” “Where?” the questions again found their way. He in that very same small soft voice tried his best to relate to us the events that had left him that beaten down. ( Now you can add some base into the voice that is telling you the story)


“I left the suburb quite early. I had some errands to run in town, and some in the suburb, as well as a journey to join up with my family, to celebrate my 47th birthday. I couldn’t wait to see what my wife and first-born daughter had bought, as they had promised. I got to the bank, and decided to cash my check, as there wasn’t enough time to process, as my children would be going back to school in a day’s time. I was given my money and left the bank, still excited about my birthday, and happy that for the first time, I could clear the children’s fees without strain! (Can you hear a yippee?)


I walked into the first bookshop with my second born daughter’s school book list, and finding it a bit expensive, tried another that my first-born daughter had advised me, thankfully, she had checked the prices in the major bookshops. As I walked towards the second bookshop, a private car stood right in front of me. For a moment, I was shocked. Before I could utter a word, the two occupants flushed their Id’s and goodness graciousness, cop’s! They accused me of having a gun illegally, and before I could protest, they handcuffed me, and lain me at the floor of the back part of the car. They put a hood over me, and stepped on my back.


After a while, they stopped, and removed the hood, and ordered me to close my eyes. Throwing me to the ground, they stole all my cash, and removed my phone’s battery, they slapped me real hard every time I tried to raise my head, and kicked me real hard on my back. They asked for my ATM pin, and pocketed my ATM card. They beat me up some more, and roughly removed the handcuffs, hurting me. I begged them to give me bus fare and they put a note in my hand, I also begged for my phone, and they gave it back to me. They then left me stranded.   After a while I opened my eyes. I had no idea where I was. I found a small boy herding, and he directed me to the road.


I was still in shock, and I couldn’t believe I had been robbed in broad daylight. I took a bus to town, and headed straight for my branch, and requested for my ATM pin to be blocked. I withdrew some of the little I had and went to join up with my family.”


Back to me. At this point, I try to fit in his shoes, I try to put myself in his shoes, a grown up man, appearing before his family to tell the that he has nothing, he as no idea how his children will go back to school? That the cheque was a loan which he has to pay for a whole year? Money he did not even use? How? Happy Birthday?


Yes that is the situation as it is. We are now waiting for a miracle. What that hurts me the most is that the people who should be providing security, are the ones wh are doing such inhumane acts.


If I met them today, I would tell them;


Thank you for sparing his life, but remember he has four children and a wife looking up to him. One is in campus, not sure whether her government sponsorship money will be sent before the one month deadline, the other is not sure whether she’ll even register for her main high school exam, and the same case for the other, and the last has just got a fee increment, and their head teacher will hear nothing like later payment of fees. The wife’s business isn’t able to provide for them, exactly that’s where you left us.


Very unfair world,


And to top it up, the man you robbed is depressed, he has to take anti-depressant, trying to come to terms with what you did to him, and trying to find a solution.


I am out.




3 thoughts on “Birthday gone awry:true story;real people,real event

  1. Oh that was for sure a hard time for him and the family at large may our good Lord be upon him and the family at large. For those who committed the inhuman act God take care of them and repay them for their deeds.


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