Thank You All!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello friends, it’s been a three-month journey, you and me interacting, sharing ideas, promoting poetry, provoking thought, and emotions too! You just never know what you have done for me ! I say a big thank you to all of you souls who gave me a reason to keep writing! I will be traveling for the holidays, and won’t be able to do this, I wish you the best Christmas, and let’s meet next year! Remember to spread some love!


I sign off by blogging the first poem that was birthed on this blog, because, it’s my favorite!




Merry Christmas!



I love you


But you sometimes disappoint me too much


I give you my all


But then you spit it all on my face


Leaving me hurting




Was it worth it?


I keep quiet


And in silence


I want to leave you


But I can’t


Because I belong to you


I love you yes, you


I’ll forever love you


Though you hurt me


Coz I know


You do make me proud sometimes


Many times


My love


It is you I’m writing about


You whose words I’m using


You which these words will be called


And now that


I couldn’t escape from you


You followed me


To make sure I am part of you


And you, part of me


I will love you forever


And though I may cry


I will love you forever








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