We are teachers, dignity is not an option,it’s an obligation!

English: A special education teacher assists o...
English: A special education teacher assists one of her students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today, I read an article, a letter to the American government, from a teacher, and it got me thinking real hard. I am a teacher in training. After the Connecticut incident, indeed, it has occurred to many that a teacher doesn’t live for himself or herself. I have never been really proud to be a teacher in my country, and I never thought that this could be replicated in other countries, not because I really hate it, but because of how much this very profession is looked down upon. I wrote my first short story, titled, “We are Here Too: On a Crucial Mission.” The sole purpose of this short story is to give dignity to the teacher, my main character being Miss Lorraine. I surely do hope it gets published! I submitted it, to enter a competition by Kwani? Trust. (A Swahili word translated as, So?)  It is on this course that I dedicate this poem, from the depth of my heart, to all the teachers in the world!










I walked into your class,


Barely pronouncing my name,


Barely having an idea,


Of how a pen was held,


Or even the realization,


That I held books upside down!


Never forgetting,


That the washroom,


Was a harrowing experience!


And my nose,


To blow you taught!




Older I grew,




That I got from you,


Filled my small brain,


Confident I have become,


And all the complexities,


I can easily solve,


My happiness you ensure,


And compliments,


Are ever flowing,


With flaws,


Ever correcting,


In the quest,


For changing a soul!




In the evening,


You got to go home,


A family to take care of,


Assignments to mark,


Lessons to prepare,


Examinations to mark,


Research to do!


A student in need of help,


Emotional, Financial, Academic,


Tired is an understatement!


As the other professionals,


Sit and relax at home,


You sit and get tight with your books,


Books, books, books,


Students, students, students!


I am now in campus,


Being trained to become you,


Not really happy about it,


Coz all I see is,




From all,








The government,


And most painful of all,


The very students,


I will give up all for!




Now we have lost our lives in service,


Service to the nation,


At least military people are honored,


Even in death,


Will anyone appreciate us?


Will anyone, bring in some dignity?


After all,


We will still serve,


If anything,


The greatest people in history,


Among them are orators,


Exactly who we are!


Including the all famous Jesus Christ!


Will you hear us?




9 thoughts on “We are teachers, dignity is not an option,it’s an obligation!

  1. Teachers have always had and will have respect. All my goals and knowledge I have is become of kind teachers. When I was young. I was very poor. My Spanish teacher showed up at my house with food and took me and my sister shopping for clothing. She mark me forever. Teacher’s lead by examples. If a Politicians downgrade a teacher. Easy answer for this. Politicians opinions have little value. I’m old school. Set the example then speak. Teacher’s set the example 5 days a week all through our world.


    1. yes Coyote! What a story there! Oh my! Yes teachers deserve respect! Hope your teacher got to know how far you have come, and the contribution she made! I surely do hope you remember her and appreciate her this season, maybe a Christmas gift could do.


      1. I was just a kid then in 1966. Teacher’s are the people who see our kids 8 hours a day. They have great responsibilities. I motivate kids to write on many sites. I believe education is the key to the success of a great country. Some jobs are forgotten till bad things happen. Fireman, Policeman and Teachers are what keep us safe and heading in the right direction.


  2. Abby, am of the same opinion.We need to recognise the important role teachers play in shaping our lives.They deserve a better deal than is the case now.


  3. Teachers more than deserve everyone’s respect! They are the educators of our young some of whom will grow to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, political leaders and highly influential people. And trust me, without their guidance, it will never happen. Lovely poem (:


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